Our first submission comes from Roy Coston, submitted September 28, 2010

I have been a fan of Paul Shortino/Rough Cutt for many years. I came across Paul’s Web page now that he is singing for King Kobra and saw the request for pictures.
Enclosed are a few pictures I took of Paul at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse NY 1985. It was Alcatraz with Rough Cutt supporting. The Lost Horizon was known for the pole in the front center of the stage. Everyone had fun with this when they played there.

I had the privilege to meet all the members from both bands and have my albums signed. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is: After the show, my friends and I went looking for the bands to get our items signed. Alcatraz was by the tour bus signing things. Next door to the Lost Horizon there was another building, another bar that was not open. Rough Cutt were in there.
We asked if we could come in and get our items signed. They said sure. Were we getting everything signed, I remember a couple of the guys throwing grapes at each other and items off the fruit trays. Wendy Dio was yelling at the guys to cut it out because they were making a mess.
I guess you had to be there, however at the time it was hilarious.

Great story Roy! Here’s a couple of shots he provided as well.


Fan Peter Cox from “Your Music Blog” sent us this great review of Paul’s CD “Chasing My Dreams”

Shortino, Chasing My Dream, 2009Posted on September 1, 2010 by Peter

Shortino - Chasing My DreamThis album grabbed my attention from the very first seconds of it. A little suspense opening with a great track following, full of feel and emotion. And with what immense voice of mister Shortino! Next track is also taking no prisoners. Instant memorable chorus and a great guitar riff.
And so this album continues with heartfelt tracks, great rockers, touching lyrics, guitar solos that really add to the picture, sometimes heavy riffs that are convincingly sung over, etc.. And some humour too. But that may be due to the side effects

So by now you will know I was really impressed with this disk. Perhaps to my shame I must confess I knew Paul Shortino by name, but I am not really sure I have more albums from him. Will have to check that later.

This album is a safe buy for anyone into guitar based melodic hard rock, who is not afraid of a little added spice with keyboards and likes a lead singer with a rough edge to his vocals. Very pleasant surprise, get it!

Personal play tips: Remember You, Nocturnal, Side FX, but a random play will suffice I guess.